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Grades K-8

School Policy & Expectations:
  • Students meet IN PERSON for an hour with the teacher.
  • Parents are required to attend EACH appointment.
  • Daily Zoom Meetings are required after the first meeting with the teacher.
  • Students must complete the individualized curriculum/assignments they are given weekly.
  • Students/Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher during the week for additional support.
Teachers' Direct Numbers/Contact: 
Ms. Marty (Martha) Wood: Grades K-6:
Mr. Eric Jennings: Grades 7-8 
Students can find the resources for the subjects they are working on in Clever. Use your Central Unified Google login username and password to access the site. 
  • Wonders - Grades K-6 Reading/Grammar/Writing
  • Pearson Realize - Grades K-6 Math 
  • Amplify - Grades 7-8 Language Arts
  • Mathia - Grades 7-8 Math