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C.L.A.S.S. (Central Learning Adult/Alternative School Site)

Cobra Charm

Registration Dates

 ESL:  No new registration. This class is FULL
NATP:  Every Wednesday at 9:00 am . Seating limited to 15.  If we have 15 people in line before 9:00 am we will start early. First come, first serve.Limited seating. Must have current government issued ID
ABE/GED/HiSET- Every Monday at 9:00 am. Limited seating, first come first serve.
Technical Admin:  Every Monday at 9:00 am and class would begin the same day at 12:30 pm   Limited seating, first come first serve.
AUTO BODY:  Class Begins 8/21/17. No new registration once class begins
ADULT HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA: You can drop off your official transcripts for evaluation. You will be called to schedule a registration date and time. 
COMPUTERS: Any time during office hours beginning July 11, 2017. 
*No children allowed during registration. All classes with the exception of computers requires testing. 
*Limited seating for registration, we will take students on a first come first serve basis.