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C.L.A.S.S. (Central Learning Adult/Alternative School Site)

Cobra Charm

Microsoft Word 2013

Class Schedule
 Fall 2019
Registration is now open!
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Course Description- Word

This short-term course is taught in a hands-on computer lab setting where students learn to work effectively in a computerized business environment. All work is done on a networked system. Students start by learning network user techniques, basic keyboarding, and modern business terminology. Students continue with word processing and letter formatting. Students are introduced to Microsoft Office Word 2010 word processing software. Written and verbal communication skills, cooperative work habits, professional ethics, and workplace skills for today's job market are stressed throughout.
How to Register

Register- Stop by our school office during normal hours to fill out a registration form. Once the registration form is completed you will be enrolled in the class.

Attend Class- Be sure you attend class regularly. Students must attend 21 of the 24 scheduled hours in order to complete the class and earn a certificate.

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