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Computer-Windows & the Internet

 Class Schedule
Fall 2019 
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Course Description- Windows and Internet

This class is designed to introduce students to the basics of Microsoft Windows 10 and the use of the internet. Students learn the basics of using the mouse and keyboard in Windows 10 to control the desktop, work with files and folders, search features, and customization options such as the control panel. Internet topics are designed to create and understanding of the internet and its informational resources while also developing a knowledge of security measures. By the end of this class, the student will have an understanding of how to use the internet properly and safely.
How to Register

Register- Stop by our school office during our normal hours to fill out a registration form. Once the form is complete you will be enrolled in the class.

Attend Class- Be sure you attend class regularly. Students must attend 21 of the 24 scheduled hours in order to complete the class and earn a certificate.

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