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Fall 2017 Class Schedule

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Spring 2018 Class Schedule

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Course Description-Medical Terminology

Students will study the construction of medical words from prefixes, root words and suffixes.  Drugs, treatments, procedures and body structure are taught.  The correct usage of the medical dictionary, the analyzing of medical words and phrases, the reading and deciphering of medical reports are covered.

Attendance Requirements: This class is scheduled for a total of 57 classroom hours. Students must maintain a minimum 78% grade in order to pass the class.  Students are expected to attend during the class hours that are scheduled.  Make-up hours are not offered.

Important Note: A passing grade does not guarantee the acceptance of our course in any particular LVN program. It is your responsibility to confirm that this class meets the requirements of their LVN program.

Textbook (Required): We do not carry the text books for this class. You must purchase them on your own. Here is the information you will need to purchase your book

The Language of Medicine,  11e 11th Edition by Davi-Ellen Chabner BA MAT (Author) ISBN-13: 9780323370813     ISBN-10: 0323370810

How To Register/Fee

Placement testing- Must attend scheduled registration and testing date

Register- After testing you can pay for the class to secure a seat in the class. The class fee is $125.00. All payments must be cash or money order, we do not accept checks or cards. There are no refunds once a class has started.